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Create the Balance in your Life, that you´ve always wanted

This May (2022) I´m Launching an amazing Program for your Personal Development. I´ll introduce you to Tools that actually work – I used the material myself to create a much healthier and fulfilling Life for me and my family. I´ll guide, support and coach you along the way.


My name is Troels Møller Christensen. I´m 48 years old and live in Denmark.

I apologize if my English is not 100% correct since it´s not my primary language.

Since you never know who you meet online I´d like to introduce you to my background:

First of all I´m a father and a husband – to two – of course wonderful – children at the age of 10 and I´m happily married to a lovely woman – we´ve been together for 15 years.

My entire life at work I´ve had great interest in People´s wellbeing – alone and together – which you can also read from my Educational background as well as my work experience – in the following. The reason why I want you to know about my professional background, is simply because I want you to know that my professional and humanly background is quite strong/solid. I can honestly say that I am well-educated and that I have a good deal of work-experience. Just so you know.

I´ll introduce you to my professional background – my educational background:

  • I´m an Educated Sofia Manning Coach (International Certification by International Coaching Federation, ICF), March 2021
  • I´ve studied at a Masterclass in Personal Development (a great inspiration to my program), 2020-(ongoing, I´m still using the material on a daily basis)
  • I have a Certification in a Tool called “PeopleTools Big 6”, Personality Profile, 2016 – for personal development and recruitment
  • I have a Masters Degree in Learning Processes, Change Management and Psycho-social Work Environment, 2012, Aalborg Universitet


My Work-experience (the relevant):

  • Owner, Coach and Consultant in my own Company Moeller Christensen Coaching, March 2021 – ongoing. Please take a look at my website (in Danish) – English version on the way: moellerchristensencoaching.com
  • Educational Leader – at a foundation within the Social Psychiatry, 2018-2020
  • Leadership Consultant at act2learn, Aalborg, Denmark – a lecturer for students on a Leadership Education (level: Diploma/Bachelor), 2015-2018
  • School Leader during a greater School Reform in the Danish School System, 2013-2015


But – even more important than my educational background and my work experience – is the fact that during the recent years I´ve been working a lot with self-development and coaching as well (both Individual Coaching and Teamcoaching) – and it has been really great. I learned so incredibly much from it, and therefore I want to share my knowledge and my experience with you and as many people as possible – actually in the whole world.

My guess is you´ll experience same amount, the same level of winnings or gifts, personal development and feel more fulfilled in your Life, no matter what it is that you truly want to achieve.


In the following I´ll introduce you to a short version of what you´ll meet the program: “Create the Life Balance that you´ve always wanted”

In addition to a thorough “Welcome-module” I´ll introduce you to the following topics/themes – and every week there will be a meaningful task or exercise, and some inspiration to learn more, that supports you in achieving whatever it is that you really want to achieve:


  1. Important Knowledge about Learning Processes

I´ll introduce to very important research and knowledge from a great Danish professor, Knud Illeris. I have two main purposes of this Learning Module, that are both important for your understanding of learning – and therefore also about your specific learning process from this program:


  1. To help you acknowledge and be aware of the fact that learning processes can be both amazing, exciting, fantastic, healthy – but also can be challenging in many different ways, demanding, painful, strenuous and furthermore can arouse many different emotions
  2. To provide knowledge on how people learn – especially when and how do we learn and when can we say “now I´ve learned it” (whatever it is)


  1. Setting Challenging Goals that actually inspire

In this Module I´ll introduce you to settings goal that are truly ambitious – based on the assumption that you are dissatisfied with something in your Life. You know you want achieve something that you are not achieving right now in your Life. And this dissatisfaction can be a very strong driver for you to make a change. Goalsetting is also about taking control over your life, and about growing to become that “Person” – that version of yourself that you deeply want to become. Humans are not created to live in conformity, we are to created to grow and feel fulfilled, to be healthy and happy with who we are and the Life we create for ourselves and the people around us.

No matter what it is, that you truly want to achieve, goal setting is very important to achieve that. At the end of this Module you´ll have one clear Goal, that inspires you deeply and motivates you – and you´ll be working with the Goal from different angles and the goal will be an important focal point for the rest of the Program.


  1. Meditation – what does it actually mean? Why is it healthy to meditate? Why is it important in this Program?

In this third Module you´ll learn about Meditation – fx the following:

What does Meditation actually mean? Why is it healthy? And: why is Meditation important for you in this Program? I´ll also introduce to two very Important Meditations that you will be using during the rest of the program, and maybe for the rest of your Life. There is one Meditation for you to practice in the morning – as the first thing when you get up. You go for a walk – and listen to the meditation. I promise you: It will put you in great and healthy condition – both in your head and mind. You´ll be working with your breathing, your gratitude and you´ll learn how to manifest some important things according to your goal.

The other meditation is for you to practice in the evening, just before you go to bed. This one you can do inside your house/apartment etc. I´ll guide you to your subconscious mind and you´ll learn how to prepare your brain for the changes you are working on from now on.


  1. Understand your Mind

In this fourth Module I´ll introduce you to a simple but very important way to understand your Mind. When we want to make significant changes in our lives we have to understand and be aware of how our mind works and how we can learn to control our thoughts, behavior, actions and in the end the outcome we get from our actions and behavior. So in this Module I´ll tune in on subjects like “Livings through the senses”, “The Conscious mind”, “The Subconscious Mind” (that controls about 95% of what we do), “The body and our behavior” and also talk about the outcome we get from our behavior. The main purpose of this Module is to realize how our mind and body works in order to learn to control it – in order to create the Life we really want to live.


  1. Positive Self Perception

As Tony Robbins among many others points out, a very important reason for setting goals that are challenging and out our comfort zone is to become the person that´s living exactly the way you want to live your life. That implies that we have to develop a self-perception that is in alignment with the person we are when we live the way we truly want to live. You´ll probably realize that it´s so very healthy for you to develop your mind and body in the direction that you deeply want to go. That´s basically what you´ll be working with in this M. In the second Module you set a challenging and inspiring goal – a goal that is “worth you”; that implies the fact that the goal is so ambitious according to where you are right now in your Life, that you have to make significant changes in your Self Perception to actually get there. But remember: it will be worth the effort – and also it will be healthy on the way to achieving your goal.


  1. Fear or possible achievements

Module 6 is about whether we as humans are controlled by fear or by what we can achieve/gain. This is very important since it has deep impact on how we make decisions, on how we think of ourselves and our abilities and possibilities in Life, how we think of other peoples abilities and possibilities, how we meet other people and so on. So in this Module you´ll learn about fear and how you can overcome it and change your focus to the things that you deeply want to achieve. You´ll work with analyzing your fear and ways to handle it – and overcome it / break through it.


  1. The gap

In this Module you´ll learn about the enormous gap between knowing and taking action – and about how you can close that gap in your work towards the life you truly want to live.


8.Decision making and taking action

In this 6th Module you´ll get knowledge about decision making and taking action. Up until this Module you´ll have learned about:

Learning Processes, Setting Goals, Meditation, Understanding your Mind, Fear or Achievements. So you haven´t yet learned about the importance of being aware of and getting knowledge about how you make decisions and the importance of it. You´ll probably learn/realize that you have to make some changes in the way you make decisions and how you can actually get into action – actions that brings you in the direction you really want to go – in the direction of your great Goal.


What does it take for you to actually change and grow during the program:

  1. Persistence and 100% commitment
  2. And that you are very curious about what it is you truly want to achieve, clarify or develop. Maybe you already know, but you don´t know how to get there, maybe you once knew and now you´ve forgotten, maybe you´re living to much from the outside/through your senses to be able to actually hear and listen to your inner voice – but still you know that it wants to tell you something important


Are you interested in joining the Program from May 2022 – or curious to get to know more about the program?

I really hope this short presentation of the Program caught your interest – and that you want to invest time and some money in yourself. Since this program it´s brand new, I offer it at a much lower price than I will in the future – so this is probably a one time offer. The Price in May 2022 for this Program is 900Euro/990US Dollars/6.695Dkr. (Danish Kroner).

Maybe you think the price is high. I totally understand. Am I ready or willing to spend an amount like that on myself; on self-development – why would I?! Well, I had similar thoughts in 2020. But after learning more about a specific program, that I was interested in, I spent 2733Euro/3000 Dollars/20.330Dkr. on a 10 Week Masterclass – but the value for me today is priceless, and worth so much more than the actual amount I paid.

And I know if you are committed and persistent you will experience greater value than you can probably imagine right now. To me at the time, 3000 Dollars was a lot – an amount I had never been close to considering spending on personal development.

In 2020-2021 I paid for a Sofia Manning Coaching Certification – the amount was approximately 6832Euro/7500Dollars/50.800Dkr.

AND: I also bought online classes (Two different Business-classes) for about 1275Euro/1400Dollars/9488Dkr.

Besides that I rented an office by the water in Aalborg, Denmark, at the amount of 592Euro/650 Dollars/4405 Dkr. a month, without having the first coaching-customer yet.

Jeg bought coaching that I pay on a monthly basis – at 364Euro/400 Dollars/2710Dkr. om måneden.

And why did I use that much money on personal development? For several reasons – among others these three:

  1. Because I realized that I can´t achieve my challening and inspiring goal and become the person who´s living that goal – without support, mentoring, guidance, coaching – I would probably still be thinking mostly the same thoughts as I had done for many years, and taking the same actions/not acting
  2. I don´t regret one single penny spent on personal development – and I bet you won´t either, when you realize how great it feels to be working in the direction you know is right for you
  3. It´s truly fulfilling. It´s healthy is for my mind and body. I´m happier. I´m more satisfied

If you are ready to create the life you want to create for yourself and the people around you – please feel free to contact me – on one of the following e-mails – just to let me know that you are ready for it:



If you have any doubt or questions – please feel free to e-mail me as well.

If you prefer to meet “face-to-face” – please e-mail me and we´ll meet online – I´m on Zoom, Google Meet, Google Duo.

If you live in Denmark or you visit Denmark – we can meet at my Coaching-facility in Aalborg.


The very best wishes


Troels Møller Christensen

Møller Christensen Coaching

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9000 Aalborg – Denmark

Web: www.moellerchristensencoaching.com